Replacement & Refund

We at Desenyo Custom Maps offer customer satisfaction and will do the best we can to deliver our products in best quality.


As a store policy, items that are customized cannot be returned because it is manufactured uniquely for a customer by his/her preferences and cannot or will no longer be of use by others.

In answer to our customers satisfaction, we are offering a replacement warranty instead.
Our replacement warranty lasts 7 days. This means that a customer can only request for a replacement if the item was in his/her possession for not more than 7 days (1 week) from the time it was delivered. After 7 days, replacement warranty will be void. Hence, not all items can be replaced and is subject to be reviewed and approved by the our management.


Here is a list of items that we can consider replaceable:
1. Misprint (e.g. distortion, faded colors, cut/unfinished printing)
2. Ink smudges
3. Wrong size

Here is a list of items that we consider irreplaceable:
1. Mispelled names or words and wrong dates (customers should double check before heading to checkout page)
2. Torn posters
3. Folded posters


Unlike posters, frames should be returned in order to be replaced.

Here is a list of items that we consider replaceable:
1. Wrong size
2. Wrong color

Here is a list of items that we consider irreplaceable:
1. Missing or broken parts caused by shipping.
2. Any form of modification

To request for a replacement, you may send us a message through the "contact us" page or through our Facebook page, explaining the reason to request for a replacement.

Please attach to your request, a picture or a video of the item that is subject to be replaced.

In view that these situations arises, please bear with us for we will guarantee that the item will be delivered as per your preference. We may also offer special discount promos for your next order with us.



Our refund policy only applies to customers whose order/s haven't received yet. 

If a customer wishes not to continue his/her order/s to be produced, then a refund can be issued upon request. The customer can get a 70% refund of his/her total purchase. 30% will be charged as reservation of materials to be used in production.

A customer may request for a refund via email, stating the order number and billing addressee.